Angelo Porazzi, Simone Colombo, Annalisa, Simone Magni, Flavio Mortarino, Jost Schwider, Lord Max, Tinuz Cappelleri, gathering for a 8 players table of Love Pigs (Porcellini) prototype.

A close up of Porcellini where you see the different Pigs Characters cards and, under them, the cards they are winning during the game. The more answers of your Teammate LovePig you will recognize, the more points your collect under your Character Card.

Annalisa, Simone Magni, Stefano Verona and Angelo Porazzi playing the prototype of Simone Il Re dei Parchi (King of Parks) where you have to build the best LunaPark of your life. Funny, original and interesting. The prototype of Stefano PsicoGame was premiered also at Area Autoproduzione in Giochi Sforzeschi 06 Milano, some week ago.

Flavio Mortarino, Jost Schwider, Simone Colombo, Claudio Gelosa, Andera Castellani, Lollo, and Mrs Gelosa around the already realized Esagek, premiered at Essen06 and the new card game protoype of Claudio Word Tour.

Walter Obert, Federico Faenza of KDS, Mario Sacchi of Post Scriptum and Paolo Mori around Walter's prototype of Strada Romana.

Zib, Angelo, Jost, Mario, Bruno Bono, Simone around a crazy prototype I brought just for fun but that gained a lot of consenses expecially from crazy gamers:) SCARABALL. Here you see the game realized.

A closeup of SCARABALL prototype where the field is now just represented with simple lines and the wooden counters are bumper scarabs that have to roll a big ball of their favourite food in their lairs. All the game is based on "transmission of movement" from scarabs to ball and from scarabs to enemies, to bump them out of the field.

Another crazy group of play around SCARABALL: Zib, Angelo, LucaBianchi, Antonella, a young boy attracted by the "life" at the table and Lollo, one of the most representative and crazy gamers of Flying Circus a group of friends and very creative gamers, present in many italian Cons and Fairs.

Here we are around the prototype of Luca Bianchi that has not yet a name but could be named Save the Dragon. In this original game, players must help last dragons on Earth from Dragonslayers. Player wins if his Dragon (secretly assigned at the beginning of the game) is the last one to survive. Strange and evocative, work on it Luca!:).

Luca Bianchi, Antonella, Hichan of Matagot, Pierluca Zizzi, Luca Pansecchi and Piero Cioni of Tenki Games, Paolo Vallerga of Scribabs, Luca Iennaco, Walter Obert, Jost Schwider and Angelo Porazzi having best Italian food together, on same tables we play our prototypes.

IDEAG 2007


13, 14 january 2007, Piossasco TO

Organizator: Walter Obert
13 and 14 january Piossasco (TO), Church of S. Apostoli, 3rd annual meetings of game designers. On further informations.

- From Germany Jost Schwider of, awarded together with Angelo Porazzi for Giro d' Italia Ludico at Essen06
- From France, Editor Matagot
- Italian Editors: Angelo Porazzi Games, daVinci Editrice, KDS, Post Scriptum, Rose and Poison, Scribabs, Studiogiochi, Tenki Games, Venice Connection, What's Your Game?, Wild Boar
- Best Playtesters of GiocaTorino
- Best Playtesters of Flying Circus
- Best Playtesters of TreEmme Torino
- Radio Show with GIOCANDO, on RAI RadioDue.
- Designers: Acchittocca, Luca Bianchi, Fabrizio 'Zib'
Bonifacio, Walt Castagno, Andrea Chiarvesio, Piero Cioni, Dario De Toffoli, Riccardo Foches, Claudio Gelosa, LordMax, Simone Magni, Andrea Mainini, Paolo Mori, Walter Obert, Angelo Porazzi, Mario Sacchi, Gianfranco Sartoretti, Giacomo Sottocasa, Paolo Vallerga, Stefano Verona, Luca Volpino, Pierluca Zizzi.

IDEAG 2007 WarAngelo PhotoReport

On 13-14 january 2007, I was invited and hosted for third time by kind organizator Walter Obert who is creator of this important idea: IDEAG. Here you can see my PhotoReports of first two editions: 2005 and 2006. This year I was honoured to host at my home in Milano Jost Schwider of and to partecipate with him at this nice gathering near Torino, where kind Walter hosted both of us. Organization was kind enough to award us for Giro d' Italia Ludico at Essen06 where lots of Italian Games, Designers, Editors, joined together their forces to show ITALY as a sole thing in the world of boardgames. The "awards" are signed by Walter Obert for IDEAG, Paolo Mori who runs the site IDG and Paoletta and Tinuz of GiocaTorino, all members of excellent organization of IDEAG 2007.

My latest prototype LovePigs (Porcellini), was presented at LuccaGames06 receiving enthusiastic feedback. Final prototype was presented here in IDEAG 07 and also more expert gamers enjoined it. The game was played by lots of gamers and authors that appreciated the fact you do not get "pre-invented questions" wrote on the cards but you CREATE the question for your teammate. This is a funny interactive party game where you have ideas and themes from the cards but it is up to you to create a clear question for the player who is in team with you (your Love Pig) to be shure of the answer he will give you. Your goal is to recognize your LovePig's answer, among answers of all other Pigs in the game. The more you know your LovePigs, the more you will be able to create questions that only you two know, basing on your experience of life together.

And the more other gamers know you two, the more they will be creative and bastard in confusing you with their crazy answers, the more fun you will have. This is a game that calls ALL partecipating players to give their creative contribute in every turn. You can gain the card-point in that turn recognizing the answers of your Love Pigs or confonding who is in turn: if the player in turn recognizes you instead of his true LovePig, YOU get the point! The couple of Love Pigs who gets a numbers of points (example at least 3 points each member of the couple) is the LovePigs winning couple!

Mixed with these "psycological tests", in the deck you find hilaryous body-tests that calls you to recognize body-parts of your LovePigs among other players. These are perfect with group of players with families and children that has a lot of fun recognizing finger, nose, leg... belly! of ther players but also really funny to play with Gamers that like to stay together and play together in a light way. Also Graphic (GraPig? Pigtures?) of the game was appreciated by lot of people, expecially girls and women:)

To the next Con who invited me, First Edition of TorinoLudica on February, that will host me and my idea of Area Autoproduzione I run in LudicaMente Mantova, GiochiSforzeschi Milano, Ver-Con Verona that allowed many games and authors to be known, many of them as Bolide or Esagek are now also appreciated in many countries outside Italy.

My compliments and sincere thanks to all people who organized IDEAG 2007.

Ciao:) To the next! Angelo Porazzi

Walter awarding Jost and Angelo for Giro d' Italia Ludico at Essen 06. An event that was really appreciated by many designers, gamers and editors in Italy.

Jost and Angelo saying "All together we win!".

The "Offical Photo" with Paoletta, Walter, Jost, Angelo, Tinuz and Paolo Mori representing all IDEAG 2007 organization staff.

Gabriele, Angelo, Pierluca, Mario Sacchi and Richard Doni playing Pierluca's prototype Defence for Agarthi. A very nice, light wargame where Gabriele and me played the Chaos Beasts invaders and Mario and Richard vanely tried to defend their capital Agarthi. I liked it a lot due remembers in many aspects my 10 Years old Warangel: hexed maps, fantasy flavour, very evoctive creatures, and the concept to control enemy fortresses. In fact me and Gabriele totally ignored Agarthi and conquered all outside towns on the map, to disaggregate defences and sweep them away. It was nice due Richard was National Italian Champion of Warangel in 2003 and 2004, before victory of Andrea Ligabue in ModCon2005. I like a lot to play together with such good wargamers. For my flavour, this is best prototype I played in 07 IDEAG edition.

Sandrine, Daniel, Angelo, Gianluca Sparacello, Gabriele and Fulvio Pegolo in one of the best sessions of Love Pigs. We had a lot of fun with Fulvio of TreEmme Torino who interpretated PigKong In the best way:) Fulvio, Lord Max, and many other enjoied a lot also SCARABALL... what I produce now?:)

On Sunday night, this was the most crowdy and noisy table with the latest prototype of Walter Obert: primitive architects try to give orders to their teammates, shouting primordials orders and hammering with their claves the builders: 1 shot is a yes, two shot is a no!!. A "primitive HysteriCoach", another crazy Idea of Walter!

Massimiliano, Francesca, Simone, Jost, Angelo, Flavio, Monica, Alice, Michela and Alessia (taking the picture): here we are in Milano saluting Jost with our families and hoping he enjoied this IDEAG together with a nice group of italian authors, gamers, editors, playtesters, friends. See you in Essen 07 dear friend! I have the feeling there will be many new Italians this year;)