Scaraball set for 6 players.

The segmented field odf Scaraball in a 4 Teams Match.

A close up of Scaraball field and pre-cut sturdy caps of Warriors and of DOD.


Scaraball is a complete game for 2-6 players that comes with Dodecaedron 2007. These are two games in one.

Dodecaedron 2007 is based on a hexagonal field (the Esadome) where players use their figertips to push 6 teams of superwarriors, trying to push the Dodecaedron Cap (the DOD) into the enemy goal areas and to stop the cap there (like happens in curling).

Scaraball has the same theme and background but is played in a totally different way.
No more fingertip hits, but rather calculated movements of the warriors based on a deck of "hit cards" that players use to hit the DOD or other players. Players try to get the DOD into the goal, or knock opposing players off the field.

You can simply push with violence the DOD in opposite direction as happens in Dodecaedron 2007 or you can direct it just like Scrabbles do with their food balls, not by pushing but by rolling. In this way you follow the DOD and direct it not only along straight lines but you can draw segmented patterns avoiding enemies, following the lines on the Scaraball field.

You can score by making a goal (3 points) or by blasting an enemy out of the field (1 point).

The first prototype of Scaraball was presented on January 2007 at IDEAG Italian Designers and Authors Gathering. The complete self-produced game was presented at Torino Ludica 24, 25 february 2007.

Scaraball and Dodecaedron 2007, created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi

Price for the two games 15 euro, for any info

The Contents of Scaraball and Dodecaedron 2007: the two fields, one segmented for Scaraball and the Esadome splitted in zones for Dodecaedron, to play with fingertips hits. The rules and Historical Background of the two games. The Cards to cut off, the precut round caps illustrating the warriors and the DOD.

Dodecaedron set for 6 players.


1 SCARABALL GAME FIELD, segmented, to play without fingertip hits

6 TEAM CAPS Full color, precut, laminated, sturdy caps repersenting the 6 complete, strongest Teams of Universa, each one composed by 3 Warriors

3 DODECAEDRON CAPS representing the 12 sided prisma that must be pushed in enemies' goals.

5 TEAMS CAPS in black and white you can paint and personalize, to create you own teams.

1 ESADOME GAME FIELD the hexed big field to play Dodecaedron 2007 with fingertip hits

24 HIT CARDS and 24 EVENT CARDS to add tactic possibilities and interaction. Cards are to cut off.

1 RULEBOOK with HISTORICAL BACKGROUND in English and full color. Rules for Dodecaedron 2007, Scaraball and the origin of these two games.

IDEAG 2007

Italian Designers Authors Gathering

First Scaraball prototype was presented at IDEAG, january 2007, where I was hosted for third year by kind organizator Walter Obert.