BOMP for 4 players: in this example Eagles on base 1, Insects on yellow woodendiscs on base 4, Ghosts on Purple discs on base 2 and the Felinians in red on base 3.

The game starts with one fingertip push of all players on one of their warriors. No one can push or even touch enemies in this phase. After all players have pushed one of their warriors towards the center, check to determine whose warrior is nearest to the center point of the field. In this example Mantis earns the right to take the first Bomp attempt to push opponents out of the ring.

She Bomps the Lion which now is out of the ring. Mantis is safe because she still touches the field itself, on teh edge of the green ring. The Lion is captured and placed on the Insects' base and will score the Insects 1 point.

In this second example, the Mantis Bomps the Lion, which stops outside the ring, touching one of the 8 bases. In this case the Lion is placed uspide down on Insects' base and will be worth 2 points. The next turn goes to another warrior in the ring, starting with the one closest to the center.


Place your three warriors so they all touch your base. If they are partially outside of the base but touch it, that’s okay: they are still considered on the base (see first illustration). 

FIRST ROUND: The youngest player starts with ONE fingertip push on ONE on his warriors, pushing it towards the center of the field. The game proceeds clockwise until all players have pushed ONE of their warriors inside the arena, as close to the center of the field as possible.

In this phase it is NOT allowed to BOMP opponents, meaning, push them or knock them off the field, or even touch them. Any one warrior that touches an opponent in this phase is OUT of the game for the remainder of the match.

Now, check to determine whose warrior is nearest to the center point of the field. This warrior will be the first that can BOMP enemies. The player owning this warrior uses ONE fingertip push to move it, trying to hit enemies and BOMP them off the field.

If you Bomp out one or more opponents, take them and place them on your base; each captured opponent will count for 1 Victory Point at the end of the match. 

Remember: if the wooden base of the warrior just touches the outer board of the green ring, that warrior isn’t out; he is considered safe and IN the ring.

Next, the player whose warrior is, at that moment, next closest to the center point of the field, earns the right to take his fingertip shot, NOT COUNTING the warrior that already played. The game proceeds till all warriors on the field have received one fingertip push from their owning player. If, after all players have taken their one fingertip push, some warriors are still on the field, continue with the next turn, starting from the warrior which, at that moment, is the closest to the center point of the field.

When only ONE warrior is left on the field, he is returned to his base. The game proceeds with a NEW ROUND, with the player to the left of the player owning the lone surviving warrior using his fingertip push to get as close as possible to the center point of the field.

At the end of three rounds, it may happen that several teams have surviving warriors left on their bases: in such a case, play one or more FINAL ROUNDS.

When only one team has one or more surviving warrior, the match ends; count your Victory Points. Every survivor counts as 1 Victory Point and is counted in addition to 1 Victory Point for each Bomped enemy warriors. Upside-down opponents’ warriors count as 2 Victory Points. The player with the most points is the winner! The next match will begin with the player that collected the lowest number of Victory Points in the current game. 

Variant: Warriors with different points


Many illustrations for the teams of BOMP represent warriors of Warangel, usually the Master, which is the most powerful warrior of a race and easily recognizable as such. The other two warriors on each team include one intermediate-level warrior and one that is the least powerful.

If you like the warriors from Warangel, simply declare to the other players which ones are your number 3, 2, and 1 combatant (with 3 being the highest value). After a few fingertip pushes, for example, you’ll call “Leonida 3” if using the Spartans, or “Mantis 3” if using the Insects. Many players love to see their favorite Warangel race in action and imagine or visualize the fights, the Bomps, between, for instance, a Mammoth of the Barbarians, the Toad of the Amphibians, or Horus from the Egyptians. This is all in the spirit of BOMP!

On each round, choose which of your warriors enters the ring. With your warrior #3 you can play 3 fingertip pushes per turn. But if that warrior is bomped off the field, it’s worth 3 points to its opponent, and, be careful, 6 points if it’s bomped onto one of the 8 bases. With your warrior #2 you can play 2 fingertip pushes per turn, which count as 2 points, or 4 if bomped onto a base. Similarly, with your warrior #1 you can play only 1 fingertip push per turn, which counts as 1 point, or 2 if bomped onto a base.

            Remember, you can NEVER make two consecutive fingertip pushes that hit the same target.

In the Rulesheet find all the situations that may happens: you bomp too slow and do not reach the ring itself, you Bomp too strong and exit the ring, you Bomp one or more opponents correctly but you exit the ring... and so on... 




Bomp is a complete fast-paced and interactive fingertip pushing game for 1 - 4 players (a solo game is possible, and useful for training your fingers), or up to 8 players with the expansion you can choose that comes with an additional 4 teams.


12 BIG WOODEN DISCS 25 mm diameter, 7 mm high, protected in a plastic zip bag. These 12 discs are split into 4 groups of 4 different colours to represent 4 teams of 3 warriors each. Each Team is identified by the colour of the wooden discs and by the warriors' illustrations on them. You can request your 4 teams based on the illustrations of your 4 favourite races of Warangel.

1 GAME BOARD A3 format, in its A3 Plastic Shield. Eight bases are illustrated on the board, so you can play up to 8 players. During the game DO NOT take the board out from the plastic shield: the smooth plastic surface is perfect for allowing the woodendisc to slide across it .

1 RULESHEET A4 format, in English, protected by its transparent plastic shield

BOMP: Created and Illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2010. Complete game for 1- 4 Players: 10 euro. For any info or to order:

EXPANSION to play up to  8 payers containing:

12 BIG WOODEN DISCS 25 mm diameter, 7 mm high, protected in a plastic zip bag. These 12 discs are split into 4 groups of 4 different colours to represent 4 teams of 3 warriors each. Each Team is identified by the colour of the woodendiscs and by the warriors' illustrations on them. You can request your 4 teams with the illustrations of your 4 favourite races of Warangel.

BOMP, EXPANSION 4 new complete teams: 5 euro.

Expansions: you can choose and request a set of 4 new complete teams. Example on left: Insects, Tentaculates, Ghosts, Centaurs. Example on righ: Insect Ghosts, Felinians, Eagles.

Expansions, some other examples. Left: Dogs, Jappo, Atomics, Chineses, Right: Gekos, Aliens, Angels, Barbarians. Of course you will receive the 4 expanison teams mounted on discs of different colours from the 4 tems you choose with the base game.

Above you see  Warangel teams, here are some examples of characters from other Angelo Porazzi Games. To the left the athlets of Dodecaedron easily fit into the theme of Bomp. They also have numbers from 1 to 3 on their helmets and shoulderpads. In the center the Scrabbles of Scaraball, numbered 1-3 on their armour, making it easy to assign those values when playing with the game variant "Warriors with different points". Many players prefer to choose their favorite races of Warangel, knowing who is th emost powerful, with the Master counting 3 Points,  the intermediate warrior counting 2, and the smaller one counting 1. Imagine the enjoinment of watching Leonida of Spartans Bomping out the Rhinos of Persians or Mantis of Insects... It is up to you choose the illustrations you prefer! On the right, the BOL, often choosed by children and female players for their colours and cartoonish appearance. So you can choose your favourite 4 teams for you base game, and the other 4 expansion teams if you wish to play up to 8 players and just enjoy Bomping one other!

For any info or order:




The Game-Map Collector showing Eagles' Map USA west with Grand Canyon and California separated by San Andreas chasm, and Chelates'Maps, Iraq, with Tigris and Euphrates rivers.


For gamers who like to protect and collect the several Angelo Porazzi Games realized in A3 Plastig Bags, exactly like BOMP, is  available the Game-Map Collector of Warangel with Logo and illustrations of the game, on Cover and Back.

It is really useful to collect A3 format plastic shields that perfectly contains and protect the Warangel hexed Maps or any other of these Angelo Porazzi Games:

- BOMP 2010

- PiFroG 2009

- ULTIMATE the game dedicated to Ultimate Freesbee Sport 2008

- BOL Balls of Light 2007

- Scaraball and Dodecaedron 2007

You can open the metal rings and take the Game you wish to play. During your Games, use your GameBoards inside their plastic shields, this will protect them perfectly.