BOL starting a race: a group of Balls Of Light choose the form of the devastating, and nasty (!), BOLmachines to go for their Energy Ball inside the circuit!

A close up of BOL under the form of BOLmachines. From the left: Halloween, Sun, Devil, Laser, Shark, Light, Elephant, Eagle and Death, winner of first Intergalactic Tournament. You see also the Energy Ball, flashing in the inner Ring of the Circuit. Whoever will get it, will gain immense Powers...

A race with the nice UFOBOL, designed by and for Kids. From the left: UFOgreen, UFOblack, UFOred, UFOyellow, UFOpink and UFOblue. Behind, first historical BOLmachines and another form loved by the light spheres. ScaraBOL, big, fat, running scrabbles that go for their favourite Energy Ball: a big ball of ... food ... their food...

Here are the UFOBOL reaching at lightspeed the inner ring of the circuit, where must be placed the Energy Ball (two Energy Balls with the expansions for 12 players). Once you use Energy Powers you must replace the Ball in the inner ring, where you want. That's why this part of the circuit is always quite crowdy...


(Balls Of Light)

BOL will be premiered at ESSEN Fair 07 Angelo Porazzi Games Booth 9-30

Choose Your Form, Choose your Energy and RUN!

BOL COMPLETE BOARD GAME 2-6 Players, 7-12 with the expansion!


6 BOL, coloured and doublesided woodenblocks: choose your favourite form and RUN!

1 ENERGY BALL, coloured and doublesided: choose your favourite energy and GO FOR IT!

2 six-sided MAGIC DICE, coming directly from the universe of BOL!

1 HEXED CIRCUIT representing the first historical BASE CIRCUIT

1 RULESHEET, totally useless:-) because of the simplicity of the rules and because this game is transmitted through millennia via the mind…Only on Earth do we write out rules!

Base Game 10 Euro; Expansion for 7-12 players 5 euro.

BOL (Balls of Light)

Do you know those flying Balls of Light that once were called Fairies or Spirits of Nature, and now, on the Internet, are called BOL or ORBS? Those lights that, flying over fields, create fantastic geometric figures, or just fly aside airplanes? The ones filmed by pilots from so many different nations?Or filmed by Shuttle pilots or other star-craft? Were all of them stoned? Search on the ‘Net for ORBS or BOL and see the pictures: so many at concerts (they do love music!), or near children…Check your photographs taken with a flash: maybe you thought these were just reflections… Still thinking they were reflections? If so, you are NOT ready to play BOL!

If you think they are intelligent forms of life, please, you are welcome to play! This is BOL, a board game that shows how funny it is to play with these ancestral energies that still know how nice it is to enjoy a game in a simple way. The rulesheet is purely optional: they have played this game through millennia and they never wrote down a rule!

How to play BOL? Declare a number between 2 and 12. Roll two dice:

If your score is equal to or greater than your declared number, you win your bet. You then double your declared number and you can move your BOL on the circuit a number of hexes up to that number. Example: I declare 7. I roll two dice and I get a 9: I win my bet. I can move up to the double I declared: that means up to 14 hexes.

If your score is lower, you lose your bet. You can move up to the number you obtained. Example: I declare 10. I roll and I get a 4. I lose my bet. I can move up to the number scored: that means 4 hexes.

The first BOL crossing the finish line gets 10 points, second 8, third 6, fourth 4, fifth 3, sixth 2. End of the rules!

Variants: Since the game is so simple, the BOL, with their imagination, love to create a galaxy of variants.

Just DO THE SAME! Invent and propose new variants: If a majority of other players like them, play them!

On Rulesheets (just scroll down and find it) find the basic variants. Here on website, other variants invented by players at Intergalactic Tournaments. Apply some of all of them at your will!

Just enjoy to have fun!

Walt Castagno just like in an American Casino: declare and roll. On the left the "Ball of Light" of LordMax:)

Winner of 1st Intergalactic Tournament: Antonio Jappo Musto with his BOLmachine DEATH!. Proud member of Club TreEmme Modena, coordinator of ModCon 07, the Padawan of Andrea Ligabue: may the Force be with You!

BOL 1st Intergalactic Tournament

Played in NordOvest 07 Fossano, organized by Club TreEmme, the same who organize ModCon our Italian greatest and oldest Con. Here the PhotoReport of this historical event.

At the table: Pierluca Zizzi, LordMax, Walt Castagno, Giovanni Longoni, Gatomark, Gianfranco Sartoretti, Angelo Porazzi, Andrea Tosino.

Here the variants born in Fossano approved by First Intergalactic Comitee:.

TRIPLE by Gianfranco Sartoretti: If you guess exactly the number you declare, TRIPLE the score.

TRANSMISSION of MOVEMENT by Walt Castagno: when bumping, either the bumper and the bumped BOL roll two dice. The winner bumps the other in opposite direction as many hexes as the difference between the two scores.

SODOMIA (TELEPORT) by Andera Tosino: Who has the Energy Ball may use it to teleport his BOL right behind the Leader (or any other BOL).