TATATA ! The Box illustration reveals the theme: "Dogfighting Race for Crazy Pilots"

TATATA ! example for 3 players. Place the Base Cards, the Planes each one on its base, set the Sky Card (covered) among the Bases to form the circuit , switch on engines and get ready to Start!


"Dogfighting Races for crazy pilots"

Available with English or German rules

TATATA! is a simple, funny, complete card game that allows 8 crazy pilots to fly for victory in a "dogfighting race" where many weapons and strange tools may be found in the cards that form the circuit in the sky.

Memorize the circuit due the race is on 3 laps, stop in the good cards, avoid the bad ones and mostly avoid to stop in front of the guns of another plane or it will TATATA! you!

Basic Rules are good also for younger gamers and childs, Complete Rules allow to use one of the 4 numbers at your choice on each Deck Card.
Choose how many cards play with the "Action" value, then Move, Fly, Loop and... TATATA!

TATATA! complete card game for 2-8 pilots, simply funny and with high interaction among players. Double text Italian english on each card, English rules included.

Pre cut professional cards, in an appropriate holder of the right size of teh deck, avoiding big boxes that are only addictive costs fora simple card game: a little pocket game you can take at any luding meeting.

TATATA! prototype was presented at IDeA G, first Italian Designer and Authors Gathering at Piossasco (Torino) on 22-23 January 2005.
TATATA! created, illustrated and produced by Angelo Porazzi.

TATATA! is now ready and available with english or german rules, complete card game at 10 euro.

For any info and order anporaz@tin.it


84 pre cut professional cards comprising:

- 8 Airplane Cards (2 are black and white to create your own planes)

- 8 Base Cards (2 are black and white to be coloured like your planes )

- 30 Sky Cards (2 of them my be "designed" by you)

- 36 Deck Cards

- 2 Sponsor Cards

- 1 Rulesheet

Cards are of professional quality. Rules are splitted in Basic Rules, good also for families and children: With Basic Rules you only consider the number in the right left position of each card, that means always the higher value on the card.

With Complete Rules you may CHOOSE one of the four numbers on the card. each card will be used only for ONE number you'll choose and declare.

BLACK number on the card represents the ACTIONS that means the maximum number of cards you may play at that turn

BLUE number is to FLY: with a 5 Blue you move forward 5 places on the circuit your plane.

GREEN number is to MOVE that means turn around the bases that are always at the corners of the circuit (for example with a 2 Green I am allowed to turn around 2 Bases in a single turn) and to avoid enemy hits.

RED number is to FIRE with your guns that means... TATATA!

To play in the best and clearest way, I suggest this: at your turn PLACE in front of you, face up, one near the other so everyone can see easily all of them, the cards you wish to play in that turn. FIRST card you play is the one you declare to play for the BLACK number on it, that means the maximum number of cards in that turn, not including that card. Then, IN THE SEQUENCE YOU PREFER, place the other cards. Example: declare to use the BLUE number on first card as a FLY! of 6 points, use the second card for its GREEN number that means 5 MOVE points to maneuvre, then maybe you use a Sky Card in your hand with a Weapon, such as a Smart Missle, then use the las card declaring you use it for its RED number on it that means to fire with gunmachines screaming TATATA!

THESE declared numbers are the total Points you can manage in that turn, you can spend also less of them if you wish.

Example: BLACK 5 means maximum number of cards in that turn, BLUE 6 you move forward 6 spaces, GREEN 5 you are allowed to pass over 5 bases (but maybe you pass or choose to pass only on two of them), play your weapon, example the smart Missle, RED 4 to fire your gunmachines screaming TATATA!

At the end of your turn DISCARD all the cards placed in front of you and race proceedes clockwise.


TATATA! is a light and interactive game just like PeaceBowl that allows to play many gamers at same time and, like in PeaceBowl, you can play the Pressure rule. In the Air there is no time to think, you have to move and play fastly! Here is the Pressure rule, perfect in many gamers.

As soon the dealer give the 4th card to a player, other players may begin the PRESSURE, counting: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... TATATA! Within 10 seconds the palyers in turn must place on the table first card he wish to play or he looses that turn. Numbers must be counted alternatively or "in chour" by other players, it is important that all other players "pressure" the one who is slowing down the game. Enjoy the game!

ESSEN 2005

On the left two pictures of TATATA! EssenFair 2005 PhotoReport. See the complete PhotoReport here and published on SpielBoxOnline.

More than 600 copies sold out, only of this Angelo Porazzi Game, in this great luding meeting. In first Picture with Tom of BoardsandBits, USA retailer, and with Friedemann Friese, author of Power Grid, who picked up TATATA! and Warangel. In second picture I'm signing the TATATA! box on request of nice Andreas Seyfarth, author of Puerto Rico. Such great games, such great authors: a dream to me:)!