Crazy Football for the Peace. Peace, Love... Fight!

In this Fantasy Arena everybody can get in and enjoy fighting, but outside, please, stop the war. You, slobbering Goblins, stop spitting and you haughty Half-Elves rise down your crest: don't you realize you are on the same ship? If you keep on playing war, it will be the end for everyone.

Here you can meet in merry, enjoy fighting and then smoke the Peace Calumet all together, drinking the best Dwarves' burp-beer and breathing the best incenses of the Flying Smokers of the Impossible.

PEACEBOWL is a fast paced tactic game for 2-4 players.
Each one leads a TEAM composed by 3-5 WARRIORS.
Everything is allowed: play cards HIT! to takedown opponents, play card PASS! to launch the ball at your receivers allover the gamefield, break out a fray playing the card RAGE! As long as remains in a boardgame, a good fight could be a real amusement.

Enjoy hit and be hit, and have fun! Peace, Love... Fight!

PEACEBOWL created, illustrated ancd produced by Angelo Porazzi 2003

PeaceBowl is now at its 2nd edition, is available in a strong, boxed edition, game field, rulebook, cards and counters all plastic covered, plus woodcounters. All cards have double text italian-english. English and German rues are included in the box. Price 15 euro.

For any order or question feel free to contact me directly:


1 GAMEFIELD illustrating the PeaceBowl, the arena where your teams will match.

THE COUNTERS pre-cut and plastic covered, illustrating the warriors of the Peacebowl. You'll have warriors in great number to create your team as you wish.

THE WOOD COUNTERS to build up your favourite teams and release tridimensional painted counters.

THE CARDS illustrating all the actions that may be played by your warriors.

1 RULEBOOK with Basic Rules (3 warrios per team, uncovered cards) and complete Rules (5 warriors per team, covered cards).

You have to score "touchdowns" in the enemy endzones.
That means place a your warrior with the ball in one of the three opposite endzones.
Examples: a your warrior takes ball and run in an opposite end zone. Or a your warrior runs in an opposite endzone and there receives the ball launched with a pass.

The endzone in front of yours gives you 3 Points.

The two side-endzones gives you 1 Point.

First team that scores 7 Points wins.

In the Picture the Goblins' Master (winners of first playtest tournament) grabbed the ball and is going to run in the opposite endzone, defended by Half-Elves.

Dealer gives 5 action cards to each players: with Basic Rules Cards rest uncovered, with Complete Rules you play with covered cards and the games becomes much more funny because anyone can no more foreseen enemy interactions. Infact many card may break opponent sequence of play, during enemy turn. More, with Complete Rules you play with Special Cards (as the DOUBLE SHOT you see in the right corner) that always offer different ways to be used. Its' up to you to choose the best one in each situation of game.

Enjoy!! Peace, Love... Fight!


These rules are excellent for tournaments and gamers who want to enjoy PeaceBowl in the best way, quick and nasty, use them when you know well the Basic and Complete Rules:)

PRESSURE As soon the dealer give the 5th card to a player, other three players may begin the PRESSURE, counting: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... SBAM! Within 10 seconds the palyers in turn must place on the table the card he wish to play or he looses that turn. Numbers must be counted alternatively or "in chour" by other players, it is important that all other players "pressure" the one who is slowing down the game.

PRESSURE'S BLOCK One of the players may "Block the pressure" saying "BLOCK!". Other players may re-start the countdown from 10. Bastardly the player who former say Block, may now normally join the countdown.

VIOLENCE! The peacefull audience of PeaceBowl deeply dislikes the cowardly teams who dare to score sideline touchdowns. Audience and fans come in teh Bowl for glory and braveness, for spectacular 3 point TouchDowns, scored on the face of the opposite team. So if a Team who score a sideline Touchdown of only 1 Point, the PeaceBowl audience acts in this way:

If the scoring Team has only 1 warrior standing and the other 4 knocked down, the player at his left draws 1 card: This represents the objects throwing from the Bowl stands by the howling audience: pieces of the stadium, souvenir weapons, other teams' fans easily laucnchable. If this is an offensive card (Fight, Rage, Steal Ball or Special Card), the standing warrior is Knocked down.
The touchdown is realized but at next action the Scoring team will start the game with all its players "sleeping".

If the scoring team had 2 warriors standing up, 2 cards are drawn, if the scoring team has 3 warriors standing, 3 cards are drawn and so on. For each offensive card drawn, a new warrior is stunned. The player who lead the team decides wich warrior turn face down.

In the end: play with courage and glory and the audience will love you; play cowardly and the audience will play VIOLENCEEE!!!:)

This game has been sponsored by the two main federation for football diffusion in Italiy: FIAF Federazione Italiana American Football e NFLI National Football League Italia.
On the rear box you find the logos of these two federations that are giving a great support to the game on their magazine AF Post.

Here the review in english about PeaceBowl: if you know it, vote and communicate it!:

Goblins' Lair: the most complete and updated website on boardgames in Italy

BoardGameGeek: no presentation needed for this enormous database

Created by Matteo Incerti, AF Post is nowaday the most complete and coloured magazine we have in Italy about American Football.

For me, an "old" quarterback, is a great pleasure to see the born of this magazine that is linking together lots of old and new players, and that wish to re edit my old comisc about "Italian American Football", once published on "mythical " magazine "Superbowl" in the years '8O.

These comics have the same hironic verve you can find in PeaceBowl and the same love and passion for this sport I had the pride to play in its pionieristic period here in Italy. You can see them here

What AF Post writes about PEACEBOWL

Really easy, interactive and funny it is enjoiable by most passioned experts but also by fiances, wifes and childs, main characteristic for a society-table game.

PeaceBowl will be special guest at XXIII Italian SuperBowl.

I had the honour to create the LOGO for this event. Due entire day is dedicated to" Lega del Filo d' Oro" that helps childs with serious illness, the name of Logo is "Insieme si Vince" that is "Together we can Win"

This is the report on AF Post:

The Logo INSIEME SI VINCE commissioned by AF Post - NFLI and realized by Angelo Porazzi. Italian Football for solidarity': Force and Heart together to achieve any victory.

From leftside some GREAT Italian Gamers at ModCon 2003: Piero Cioni - Andrea Cupido - Federico Faenza - DaveWho - Giorgia Pandolfo - Angelo Porazzi - Manu and The Goblin - Andrea Ligabue - Luca Manuel


- After presentation at LUDICAMENTE Mantova 2003

- After 1st National Tournament ad MODCON Modena see pictures here

- After MANY demo at LUCCAGAMES

- After tournament at GIOCHI SFORZESCHI Milano

Giocabolario had PeaceBowl in his 2003 charts, voted by gamers online.
Thanks to all of you, and to gamers out of Italy, that played and voted Peacebowl on BoardGameGeek

GIOCABOLARIO BOARDGAMES CHART october 2003                           

1 Puerto Rico Seyfarth Rio Grande 9,05
2 PeaceBowl Porazzi Porazzi 8,65
3 Clans Colovini Venice C. 8,60
4 Mexica Kiesling-Kramer Ravensburger 8,45
5 King's Gate Knizia Fantasy F.G. 8,10

These are games I created and illustrated just for fun, never thought to see them "run" together with games of Seyfarth, Leo, Knizia and such other great authors. For me is a real honour.

Thanks to all gamers:)



Q: In 2 players game, are lateral endzones used?
A: No. To score "touchdown", you must enter with the ball in opponent's endzone, so in 2 players game you can only score touchdown in the frontal endzone.

Q: Can a hit down warrior play cards different from "Get Up"?
A: No. He's on the ground, therefore as long as he doesn't rise, he can't act in no way. The only other card that he can play is a "Joker", used just like a "Get Up" card.

Q: My opponent plays a "Rage!" card near my warrior, and I play the "Avoid!" card immediately after: the opponent is hit down or not?
A: The opponent warrior is hit down, your warrior is up. You avoid the rage.

Q: When I use "Fly" card on several warriors, and the first one of them enters in contact with an opponent, when can I play offensive cards? Before or after the end of movement of my other warriors?
A: Before. It's fundamental that you play a offensive card immediately, as soon as you enter in contact with the opponent warrior; then you can continue to move other your warriors. Best solution: before move the warrior(s) that doesn't enter in contact with opponents, then move the attacking warrior: as soon as he makes contact, you play the offensive you desire.

Q: I play "Fly!" card on a warrior that enters in contact with an opponent warrior, I do not attack, and this one hits down my warrior, can I use movement points not yet used on my other warriors?
A: No, read above.


Q: When can I play "offensive" cards?
R: On your turn that meanc during your Offensive phase. During other players' turns tyou are on defence. As soon as you warrior enters in contact with the opponent you wish to attack, you play your Offensive card. If you enter or move in contact and do not attack (with "Fight!", "Rage!", "Steal Ball!" or Special Cards), you activate the opponent: the opponent can hit you down in the same square immediately (only with "Fight!", "Rage!"). If he has "Curse" he can hit you down on defence up to two squares. On offence, some Special Cards can hit down at a distance (like SuperArrow): read text on each card.

Q: If I pass the ball (by a "Pass!" card) to a teammate, that already is in the opponent endzone, but an opponent (that is also in the endzone) intercepts the ball, do I score the point anyway?
R: No, the ball is intercepted, and action continues.

Q: Can I use 2 Special Cards (used like Joker) or a "Joker" and a Special card (used also like Joker) on the same warrior?
A: No. It's NEVER possible to repeat the same action or to play the same card on the same warrior.

Q: If my opponent is already in contact with a my warrior and in his turn decides to move, going through a square adjacent to me, can I attack him with a "Fight!" or "Rage!"?
A: Yes. If in his turn he moves through any square adjacent to your warrior and doesn't attack you (it doesn't matter if he is already in contact with you), you can attack him with a "Fight!" or "Rage!" card. But if he is adjacent to your warrior and goes away from you, you can't do anything (unless you have a Curse Card that hits on distance ).

Q: In some special Cards it's written that "you can hit down up to x squares of distance". What does it mean?
A: It means that you can hit down a warrior adjacent or distant as far as the longest distance (from your warrior) specified on the card.

Q: On the Spacial Card "Chasm" it's written that "you can swallow out of field (in his endzone) an adjacent warrior". Hit down or not?
A: Hit down. The endzone square where to place it, is choosen by hit down warrior's player.

PEACEBOWLSIX Expansion for 6 players
Game in plastic shield, exspanion for the boxed game PeaceBowl. Contents:
- a hexed field spilt into hexagons, laminated by plastic shield itself
-36 cards
-1 Peacebowl Rulesheet
-2 New Rulesheet:
-PeaceBowlSix, that is PeaceBowl for 6 players.
-PeaceBowl Delirium, to create personalized teams, using each single warrior with all Special Actions and terrain specializations typical of Warangel.
Reviewed on La Tana dei Goblin by Andrea "Sargon" Cupido, our italian Tom Vasel for his very deep nd detailed reviews.

"What can I say more about Porazzi's genius? How can I show once more my wonder and happyness? How to describe his work? I have no words. I received my first copy of PeaceBowlSix, not a game, a milestone. Everyone knows his PeaceBowl, a mix of frenzy and confusion that brings to happyness and fun. A fun game, that is enough, fast paced, with progressive rules that mahe it deeper and more passionate.
Lo spieghi in 5 minuti e subito sei pronto a giocare. Subito ti rendi
conto della non banalità del sistema e gioco" ...
"Ora signori si arriva fino a 6, dico 6 persone che si ribaltano, si
colpiscono, lanciano, afferrano, intercettano, corrono e segnano nel
tripudio. Frenesia al cubo, velocità e tempismo."
Il campo esagonale non è liscio e erboso come quello del PeaceBowl da 4: in questo trovate territoric ome bosco, lava, pianura, savana, baratri...
In PeaceBowlSix potete ancora considerare il campo come un bel pratino tosato e giocare in 6 a PeaceBowl, con 6 carte a testa e l' ufficializzazione delle regole Viuleeeza!, e Pressione prima solo sul sito.
Il campo così disegnato serve per l' arma segreta del Porazzi: serve per PeaceBowl Delirium. Delirium è la variante di PeaceBowl, con la possibilità di costruirsi una squadra con i guerrieri che piacciono di più, utilizzare tutte le loro caratteristiche"...
"Insomma un gran bel gioco: ora l'arena può anche essere giocata in 3
tranquillamente evitando la spiacevole situazione di lasciare un' area di
meta scoperta"...