ESSEN SPIEL 2010: Angelo Porazzi PhotoReport

VIDEO of Create YOUR Warangel

took at the BoardGameGeek Essen 2010 Booth

Thanks to all BGG TEAM!

Derk, Aldie, Lincoln Damherst, Shelley Ganschow, Doug Garret... Keep on the good work!


To "read" and to understand at best the spirtit of this year Area Autoproduzione Booth in Essen, I suggest to click on this excellent article of BoardGameNews:


Area Autoproduzione an international collaboration of Self Publishers

It is written by Andrea Ligabue, Italian journalist for BoardGameNews, member of International Game Award and historical member of luding club Tre Emme Modena.

He won the Warangel National Tournament back in 2005 and was so kind to interview me as 1st Italian Author on BGN.

His words in the New above show how Area Autoproduzione works, connecting and putting together the knoweledge, art, sensibility and will to create games of many friends, designers, illustrators, producers, mostly from Italy but not only: many are reaching us in many Italian Fairs.

Professionist and beginners joined together, as the subtitle says "The Authors, Illustrators, Producers of BoardGames, play together with you!"


Ciao Tom! Here is Vicious Fishes, the result of "an internatonal collaboration" among Tom Vasel Designer from USA, Nestor Romeral Producer from Spain , Angelo Porazzi Illustrator from Italy.

Tom was here at my booth last year, see him on 2009 PhotoReport, but here we are grouped to say ciao to him and to his nice family: from the left Nestor, Angelo, Andrea Ligabue, Carsten Pinnow.

Our team, just arrived at the Press Conference on october 20th. A big huge to Davide Averara, first on the right, author of Irondie that only one year ago was host with his excellent game in Area Autoproduzioen of Ludica Milano and now is here in Essen Spiel together with Matteo Urbani near him. Matteo is watching Monsieur Phal from Tric Trac TV France, hearing explanation of another self produced game The Club, realized by Jussi Autio from Finland.

Here a close up of this nice game with the board illustrating a dance floor and scoring pads with the shape of beer bottles, really cool:)

Timo Multamaki met me severeal year sago in Italy and here he is with his selfproduced game Phantom League, near the table of LEGO Games. Selfproduced games together with LEGO... just made it last week in Weekend Donna, FieraMilanoCity:)


Nate Hayden fom US, Harald Enoksson from Sweden, Ta-Te Wu from Tai Wan showing their three selfproduced games: After Pablo, Swidish Parliament, Soccer Sonic. The first two Gamers' Games, the third one quick and good for all family.

I was in the press conference when this man met me calling by phone his friends in US and telling them: "I am with the creator of Warangel!" Nate and his friends took a huge box  of Create YOUR Warangel, choosing their favourite races and maps. Here I am at his booth where he was illustrating his creation, the boardgame After Pablo together with the other self producers you see in the picture above.

Antics, the new game of Gordon and Fraser Lamont, dear friends from Scotland, like every year in front of us in Hall 9. But this year the novelty is that at their booth you can eat and taste REAL ants, NOT JOKING: Gordon is offering them to you:)

StarTaxi of Giorgio Vezzini, one of the most active italian author in Area Autoproduzione. Last year he realized WOOSH! a funny, interactive card game on parachuters and StarTaxi, this easyest card game where you have to bring aliens families to their own planets: both games designed by Giorgio Vezzini, illustrated by Angelo Porazzi. A big salute to mate Ricky Brett who wasn't ready with his Ritual For Kids and to Fabio De Mori with his Goblin Fever, both games I illustrated, planned for this Essen Fair but not printed yet: see you in next Cons.


Many thanks to all the people, friends, authors, gamers who meet us at our booth just to shaking hands or for a talk, not shooted in the PhotoReport.

Just remembering: Jost Schwider, Dagmar Weiss, Andreas Buhlman, Paolo Mori, Paolo Vallerga, Gunther Schmidl, Walter Obert, Pierluca Zizzi, Luca Borsa, Francesco Berardi, Silvano Sorrentino, Daniele Correale Pompetti, Friedeman Friese, Nick Medinger, Daniela Bigini, Camillo Quatrini, Mario Sacchi, Jon Power, Ingrid Gross, Pascal Bernard, Guillame Boilleux, Massimiliano Cretara, Francesco Messina, Manfred Rompkopf, Bruno Cathala...

Simply impossible to list all friends you meet in Essen Fair:

they are too many!:)


20-24 october 2010

Angelo Porazzi Games Area Autoproduzione Booth

Hall 9, Booth 30

Thank you BoardGameGeek! Before the opening of this Essen 2010, Derk Solko one of the two founders of BGG together with Scott Alden, was so kind to bring at my booth the American Fotball BGG Jersey with the # 14. Same number I wear when playing Quarterback for Milano Pythons maaany years ago, and with the name WARANGELO on the back. To understand the story of this gift, you have to check the PhotoReport of Essen 2009:) Have you ever seen WarAngelo so happy?:) Really proud to be a part of this TEAM:)

Derk at the booth of BoardGameGeek where many video was realized, showing each author explaining his own game, extremely simple and useful idea. Cliccking HERE you see the VIDEO of Create YOUR Warangel posted on BGG by Scott, with the box created by Derk who choosed the Thundrians, MooseMen living in the cold map between US and Canada, and Desertics, CactusMen placed in hot Mexico Map. Many thanks to all the BGG team: Derk, Aldie, Lincoln Damherst, Shelley Ganschow, Doug Garret... keep on the good work!

The fair begins and the halls are totally invaded by the crowd of gamers from allover the world. Area Autoproduzione Booth was always working with the couple Davide and Matteo for Irondie endlessly explaining their appreciated game. Vicious Fishes and all the other games of NestorGames were explained by Nestor itself .

Davide of Irondie does not only designs the wonderfull shapes of his game dice but also Tanks, Robots and 3D models you can request for your boardgames. Here a little close up to let you show the art of this man and friend.

Here a close up of the tiles I Illustrated for Vicious Fishes: Sharks, Fishes of different sizes, Crabs that with the two chelae hist on two directions and the Octopus that with eight tentacles hits in all 8 adjacent sqaures. A simple placement game good for all family: thumb up for Tom design and for Nestor ralization of all his games.

PiFroG Will be one of the next realization of Nestorgames: really appreciated by Ken Shoda of Play:Game Database Japan. Here at the table, the sister of Nestor, Silvia, and Pepe, her fiancee: glad to see you again in Area Autoproduzione Ludica Milano 11-13 March 2011!

 Italians in Essen fair are now soooo many: here the staff of Cranio Creations from Milano. New games Monkey see Monkey do in the yellow box, Escape from the aliens in outer space in the black box, and in the front Munera about gladiators fights, realized by Albe Pavo.

Here the stand in front of us with Warlord a Card Game that have nany excellent illustrations. Arne Reuter from germany is showing one of the many packs holding different races and creatures.

 ULTIMATE is the boardgame dedicated to the sport of Ultimate Frisbee I realized in 2008 and still requested worldwide. I played in National Italian Ulti Team in World Championship 1988 and it is amazing how many gamers play this sport. Here Dirk Shultz from Germany, of course Ulti Player, taking many copies for all his real Ulti Team:)

Angelo and Alberto from Italy, Nestor, Silvia and Pepe from Spain, Nicole and Harald Mucke from Germany. I am communicator and distributor in Italy of their wooden pawns, cubes, any material for Games since 2008, but soon you will see new collaborations;) See you next year, dear friends, thanks for the nice dinner all together:)

But why Angelo had to come back to Italy on saturday 23? Because on sunday 24 I have the Confermation of my Catechism Classroom, and being also dad of two of these girls (yes twins;)) I had to come back, leaving the booth to Giorgio, Nestor and Davide. Leaving in Essen real good friends but meeting here all the nice faces you see here;)

Here on TV too!:) On the background of these two pictures you see the script "Andate e Fate" that means "Go and Do". Yes, this is the spirit. If you stay at your home behind your computer, it may be just the beginning. If you start to GO and DO, moving, partecipating, knowing in person, you'll start real live, in the luding world and in any world you wish to GO and DO. Do your best of course, because end in the end, Jesus, The Beatles, everybody say " the Love you Take is equal to the Love you Make"... Karma? the same:)

See you in next Cons: here all the Area Autoproduzione meetings of 2010

Next one: Area Autoproduzione at LuccaGames!

To the next! Angelo Porazzi