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The New Card Game to Create, Pizzas, Together.

Place 4 Pizza Cards on the Table.
Deal 5 Ingredients Cards to each Player.
Starting from the youngest player,
proceed clockwise.

On your turn, you must place at least one Ingredient
close to a Pizza Card which contains it.
When you complete one or more Pizza Cards,
just take them.
At the end of your turn, replace a total of 4 Pizza Cards
on the Table and 5 Ingredients in your hand.

If you cannot play any Ingredient,
you must show them to the other players
and pick one more Ingredient till you can place one.

When all the PizzaCards are completed,
who scored the highest number of Points...
Is the Winner!

There are at least two other ways, even more bastard,
to play this game.

To know them for your Luding Meetings and Fairs,
Team Building and Coaching Lessons, Family Days,
just write to the designer and illustrator of this game
who will show you how many “rules”
you can create with these Cards.

Make YOUR Game!

Created and Illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2021





Presentation in San Marino Comics 2021, Romics Rome 2021...

Celebrating 25th Warangel Anniversary!

Here the Video

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