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WARANGEL New Maps: Atlantis, Manhattan, Hades, Tokyo

In 2016, to celebrate 20 Years of Warangel, 4 New Maps are illustrated: ATLANTIS for Warbeasts, MANHATTAN for Warmachines, HADES for Wardaemons, TOKYO for Virtuabeasts. These 4 historical "Monster Races" have now their Maps, Reference Sheets and Wooden Pawns to play them just like any other Warangel Race. On Map of Atlantis, raised from ocean, you see the circular harbors described by Plato and Poseidon Temple in the center; in Manhattan find the crumbles of all you know, Empire State Building, the crushed bridges, Statue of Liberty; in Hades the Phlegethon sorrounding the Tartarus, the rivers Acheron, Styx and Lethe, where the souls drink to loose their memories and reincarnate... On Map of Tokyo the airport with its airstrips, the Rainbow Bridge, the SkyTree Tower, the Imperial Palace... Also the ruins of Gundam:) For any info or order, always: anporaz@libero.it