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(Grazie a Rick Partin per queste sue parole)

"I have played many games on American Football but not one as good as this."

If you know American Football you’ll like this boardgame very much.
It will be like seeing a real game, with passes, runs, receptions, tackles and much more. Play your cards and see what happens versus the play called by your opponent:
Touchdown Bombs, First Downs, Fumbles, Sacks, Interceptions...

All the normal plays that happen on a real Football field occur here, too.
If you do not know this sport and the above terminology,
it's impossible to explain all the rules and all the Football terms used on this short
rules sheet, so play COACH with a friend who knows American Football.
You’ll learn more about this fantastic sport as you play.

If you know American Football, you are well on the way to already playing COACH.


The Player on Offense takes the Blue Cards and chooses one call.

The Player on Defense takes the Red Cards and chooses one call.

The chosen Call Cards are placed face down on the table: Ready... Set... Go!

Turn them over simultaneously and check the Table for the result.

Examples: the calls 14 and H give a result of a 6-yard gain for the Offense.

Then the first attempted TACKLE takes place:
the Offense (O) rolls its die, the Defense (D) rolls its die.
If the D roll equals or is greater than the O roll, the gain stops on that line. If the Offensive die roll is higher than the D roll, the Offense breaks the tackle and gets extra yards. 

In theory, you can score a touchdown with any call... IN THEORY...

The "match-ups" among Offensive Calls and Defensive Calls are so different: you can have Complete Passes, Interceptions, Fumbles... Playing the Defensive Options you can Sack the Quarterback, making him lose yards, play the Blitz, place a "Prevent" Defense to allow short yardage but not a long pass or a Touchdown... everything you can face in a real match!

COACH is the fruit of 35 years of playtesting since when I was the Quarterback of the Pythons Milano: now it has the Cards with the Illustrtaions I realized in that glorious days:)


COACH Createo e illustrateo da Angelo Porazzi 2013

 Board Game for American Football Lovers.

Campo, Regole e Tabella stampate su carta da 350 gr e protette da buste plastificate...

Mazzo Blu per l'Attacco, mazzo rosso per la Difesa...

Each Team chosen with the Colors requested by Gamers, Offensive Wooden Marker, Defensive Wooden Marker, Wooden Die of the same color...

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COACH in the USA

Official presentation in the USA at the Dallas Games Marathon 2013, host of BoardGameGeek Friends! From the left Michelle Alden, Troy Adlington, Angelo Porazzi, Scott Alden BGG founder, Kevin childs, Alessia Porazzi and Kevin Mc Kenzie:)

If you wanna see the AT&T Stadium of Dallas Cowboys, The Memorial Stadium in Illinois, the Soldier Field of Chicago Bears and many other dreams with these BGG friends, just take a look to the PhotoReport of this Journey:)