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I want the CineCat... Who's swallowing chips!

I want the CineCat... Who's taking off from an aircraft carrier!

I want the CineCat... Who caught a cold!

I want the CineCat... With a green lightsabre!

Hello Kids, Families, Schools, and Gaming Friends who still enjoy life like Kids:)

CINECATS (Micettini) is a very easy game to test your skills in describing, listening,
singing, interpreting, observing...

You must figure out the CineCat as suggested by the dealer, who can describe it with the help of the illustration on the card, a verb, a sound, miming it, singing it, or reciting a "quote" from a movie!

The player who knows the game best starts as dealer: he shuffles the deck and places a dozen cards face up on the table. Let’s say you see on the table the CineCats shown on this page.

Now, for example, the dealer may mime...
A sneeze! The first player who uses his hand to cover the card PI CAT CHU, wins that cards and takes it for a victory point!

Or, the dealer may recite, imitating a voice:
“Use the Fooorrrceeee....”
Whoever covers the card YOCAT wins that point!

As soon as a card is guessed and taken, the
dealer re-fills the table with a new card, until all the cards are taken. In the end, the player with the most cards... is the winner!

When the players have learned how to call, describe, mime, sing or quote the CineCats, every time a gamer takes a card, he becomes the dealer and describes the next CineCat;
of course the dealer on his turn can’t be the one to cover the card he just called!
And if someone slaps his hand on a wrong card... He must replace one of his cards on the table! Enjoy playing your CineCats!

Created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi

Printed with the quality of Cartamundi

For any info or order write me here! anporaz@libero.it

Many thanks to Rick Partin of BoardGameGeek for the translation: see him on this PhotoReport;)



CineCats-Micettini 2020 editions includes the illustrations of new charactCats: JoKat who just won the OsCat,
TermiCator with its red eye, Cathanos blockbusting AvaCat record, SkywalKat and MandalorCat
plus gigantic Cathulu eating Shark like sushi... Enjoy creating new questions to play with all of them!



Presented in Festival del Fumetto (Comics Festival) of Novegro, Milan 2020



Presentaed in WOW Museo del Fumetto (Comics Museum), Milan 2020