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The Alicorns Card Game created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi!

Alicorns is "The Niece's Game," designed for my 5-year-old niece who loved it from the beginning.

It has been showcased as a prototype at various fairs and has been adored by Moms with Daughters, Grandmothers with Granddaughters, Kids, and Families of all ages who played it with me. Now it's ready and printed :)

Alicorns are happy creatures when they all fly together, like the colors on a rainbow :)

If you're playing with 2 players, choose 4 Alicorns each. If you're playing with 3 or 4 players, choose 2 Alicorns each. If you have 5-8 players, choose 1 Alicorn each.

Each card moves all the Alicorns illustrated on the card forward by one space.

For example, the "Yellow" card moves Sun and Star forward by one space.

With 5 cards from the deck turned face down, create the path in front of the Alicorns.

Each turn, starting with the youngest player and going clockwise, draw a card from the scattered and turned deck and move ALL the Unicorns with that characteristic

(wings raised, red color, etc.)

Or don't use that card...

To Fly, in life and on the rainbow... you must learn to help others too! ;)

The first Alicorn to cross the finish line... Is the winner!

On the website, you can see many examples and learn how to create new imaginative winged steeds invented by you!



Here is the content of Alicorns.

Inside the box, you will find:

8 Alicorns,

8 Alicorns to Color

The Deck of Cards that will make you progress along the path based on the depicted characteristic:

wings up, wings down, body shape, color...




Example with two players, with 4 Alicorns each.

Erica chooses the first 4 Alicorns arranged on top,

Angelo chooses the 4 Alicorns arranged below,

in the middle, 5 cards from the deck turned face down, form the path.

The remaining cards from the deck are scattered on the table, ready to be drawn by the players one at a time.

The player on their turn decides whether to use that card or not.



The youngest player, in this case, Erica, starts and draws the "Pink Color" card, which allows her to move Cloud and Pinky.

Erica decides to use that card, so both Cloud from her stable and Pinky from Angelo's stable move forward by one space.

Both of these Alicorns have the Pink color, and if you notice, they are depicted under the card with the Pink Color.


Now it's Angelo's turn, and he draws the "Wings Up" card from the deck, which allows him to move Cloud and Rasta from Erica's stable along with Pinky and Star from Angelo's stable.

Angelo decides to use that card, so all 4 Alicorns depicted on the card with their wings raised move forward by one space on the path.

In the next turn (for example), Erica draws the black and white card depicting Sun, which belongs to Angelo, and decides NOT to play it.

Then Angelo draws the "Purple" card, which would allow him to move Muse and Death (both from Erica's stable), and decides NOT to play it...

Then Erica draws the "Red" card, which allows her to move Rasta and Light, and decides to play it...

The more you help each other... the higher the Alicorns will fly :)

You can color the black and white cards exactly like the colored cards of the corresponding Alicorn... or you can photocopy them and CREATE new Alicorns, with NEW names, each colored with TWO colors from the 8 in the deck: you will see that they can Fly and race in the game just like the others!

You can play small "Championships" of 3 or 5 races... giving 8 points to the first, 7 to the second, 6 to the third, 5 to the fourth, 4 to the fifth, 3 to the sixth, 2 to the seventh, and 1 to the eighth. At the end of the Championship, you can add up the points for each "stable," that is, for each player, and for each individual Alicorn, and see who has scored the most points! The Winner of Alicornia! ;)

ALICORNS Created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi 2023

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