Crazy Football for the Peace. Peace, Love... Fight!

In this Fantasy Arena everybody can enjoy hitting and getting hit, but outside, please, stop the war. You, slobbering Goblins, stop spitting and you haughty Half-Elves rise down your crest: don't you realize you are on the same ship? If you keep on playing war, it will be the end for everyone.

Here you can meet in merry, enjoy fighting and then smoke the Peace Calumet all together, drinking the best Dwarves' burp-beer and breathing the best incenses of the Flying Smokers of the Impossible.

PEACEBOWL is a fast paced tactic game for 2-4 players.
Each one leads a TEAM composed by 3-5 WARRIORS.
Everything is allowed: play cards HIT! to takedown opponents, play card PASS! to launch the ball at your receivers allover the gamefield, break out a fray playing the card RAGE! As long as remains in a boardgame, a good fight could be a real amusement.

Enjoy hit and be hit, and have fun! Peace, Love... Fight!

PEACEBOWL created, illustrated ancd produced by Angelo Porazzi 2003

PeaceBowl is now at its 2nd edition, available with a strong box, game field, rulebook, cards, prepainted woodencounters already mounted and ready-to-play as you see in these pictures. All cards have double text italian-english. English and German rues are available. Price 25 euro.

For any order or question feel free to contact the author directly:


1 GAMEFIELD illustrating the PeaceBowl, the arena where your teams will match.

4 TEAMS already mounted on prepainted WOODENCOUNTERS, ready to play.

36 CARDS illustrating all the actions that may be played by your warriors.

1 RULEBOOK with Basic Rules (3 warrios per team, uncovered cards) and complete Rules (5 warriors per team, covered cards).

You have to score "touchdowns" in the enemy endzones.
That means place a your warrior with the ball in one of the three opposite endzones.
Examples: a your warrior takes ball and run in an opposite end zone. Or a your warrior runs in an opposite endzone and there receives the ball launched with a pass.

The endzone in front of yours gives you 3 Points.

The two side-endzones gives you 1 Point.

First team that scores 7 Points wins.

In the picture the Goblins' Master grabbed the ball and is going to run in the opposite endzone, defended by Half-Elves.

Dealer gives 5 action cards to each players: with Basic Rules the cards rest uncovered, with Complete Rules you play with covered cards and the games becomes much more funny because anyone can no more foreseen enemy interactions. Infact many card may break opponent sequence of play, during enemy turn. More, with Complete Rules you play with Special Cards (as the DOUBLE SHOT you see in the right corner) that always offer different ways to be used. Its' up to you to choose the best one in each situation of game.

Enjoythe PeaceBowl! Peace, Love... Fight!

This game has been sponsored by the two main federation for football diffusion in Italy:

FIAF Federazione Italiana American Football


NFLI National Football League Italia.

On the rear box you find the logos of these two federations that gave a great support to the game on their magazine AF Post.

This because Angelo was the Quarterback of Milano Pythons in 1985, 86, 87, with a Rating Point 126,5:)

Here the Pythons enters the Vigorelli Stadium in Milano: Angelo QB14... those were the days!

Created by Matteo Incerti, AF Post is nowaday the most complete and coloured magazine we have in Italy about American Football.

For me, an "old" quarterback, is a great pleasure to see the born of this magazine that is linking together lots of old and new players, and that wish to re edit my old comisc about "Italian American Football", once published on "mythical " magazine "Superbowl" in the years '80.

These comics have the same hironic verve you can find in PeaceBowl and the same love and passion for this sport I had the pride to play in its pionieristic period here in Italy. You can see them here

What AF Post writes about PEACEBOWL

Really easy, interactive and funny it is enjoiable by most passioned experts but also by fiances, wifes and childs, main characteristic for a society-table game.

PeaceBowl will be special guest at XXIII Italian SuperBowl.

I had the honour to create the LOGO for this event. Due entire day is dedicated to" Lega del Filo d' Oro" that helps childs with serious illness, the name of Logo is "Insieme si Vince" that is "Together we can Win"

This is the report on AF Post:

The Logo INSIEME SI VINCE (together we win) commissioned by AF Post - NFLI and realized by Angelo Porazzi. Italian Football for solidarity': Force and Heart together to achieve any victory.