Love Pig, the Little Pig falled in Love, illustrated on the cover of the box!

BZZZ! HoneyPig the Little Pig honey-eater loved by the sweetest people!

Pig Kong is for wild and animal gamers: the fury, Gorilla-looking  Little Pig...

PeacePig, is the Little Pig with all symbols of Peace, the dove, the flowers, the rainbow!


I want the LittlePig... With angel wings and the present for his Loved!

I want the Little Pigs... Who Flies, makes "BZZZ" and eats Honey!

I want the Little Pig... Who shouts and crushes an airplane like a big Gorilla!

I want the Little Pig... With the symbles of Peace and Rainbow Hair!


Hallo Kids, Families, Schools, and Game Friends who still enjoy life like Kids:)

PORCELLINI (Little Pigs or LovePigs) is a very easy game to groove your skills in describing, listening, singing, interpretation, observation...

You must find out the Little Pig requested by the dealer that may describe it through a little particular of the illustration on the card, through a verb, a sound, miming it... Singing it!

The player who knows the game best, starts as dealer: he shuffles the deck and place a dozen of cards face up on the table; let say you see on the table the cards shown on the left.

Now, for example, the dealer asks:
“I want the Little Pig with blue and pink wings, who makes "BZZZ" and eats honey!” The first player who covers with his hand, with a fast slap, the card  HONEYPIG, wins that cards and takes it like a victory point!

Or, the dealer may mime a monkey breast-beating! Who cover the card PIGKONG wins that point!

Or, with romantic eyes, the dealer may sing “Ohhh, my Love...” Who takes the card LOVEPIG wins that point!

Or, the Dealer may describe: “I want the Little Pig with a rainbow in his head!” Who cover the card
PEACEPIG wins that point!

As soon a card is guessed and taken, the dealer re-fills the tables with new card, till all the cards are taken: at the end, the player with the more cards... is the winner!

When the kids or the players learned how to call, describe, mime, sing... the Liitle Pigs, every time a gamer takes a card, he becomes the Dealer and describes the next Little Pig; of course the Dealer in turn cannot cover the described card with his hand!
And if someone slaps his hand on a wrong card...
He replaces one of his cards on the table!

Created and illustrated by Angelo Porazzi
Card Game for 3 or more Little Pig...Players.

1 deck of 55 professional cards with 55 different illustrations of Little Pigs
1 Rulesheet
1 Box

PORCELLINI is avaliable at 10 euro. For any info or order

Find Porcellini in all the Fairs, Ludoteques, Bibliotques, Schools... Inviting and hosting Area Autoproduzione!

PORCELLINI has the same illustrations and cards I realized for the Card Game "Love Pigs" Published in 2007. Porcellini is the most played version of this game, loved by kids, teachers, and families in soooo many Italian Fairs... Now available also with the english rules you see here!