DODECAEDRON: here all the components of this new edition: the Rules, the Fields with the Logos to identify the Teams, the 6 Teams with wooden big disks, in total 18 athlets plus the Dodecaedron Disk in the center field. The Esadome is the hexed field with all the teams ready to play: ANGHELS Blue, STINJAS Yellow, DRAAKOONS Green, DIABLOS Red, MOONIES Black, TAURAS Purple.

Dodecaedron, on the top the cover illustration and here the new wooden counters set as in the cover: the Ghardian of the Angels facing the Thummer of the Diablos.

A close up of the new wooden conters on big disks of 25 mm that gives to the game high playability and precision for each fingertip hit.

Fingertip BoardGame with Wooden Discs



1 ESADOME the hexed field where 6 Teams can match simoultaneously. The 6 Logos over the Goal Areas identify the places where you have to set your Teams.

1 PLASTIC SLEEVE A3 Format to contain the field also during the game to protect it and give the right smooth and "touch" to each fingertip hit.

1 WARANGEL FLAT BAG to contain all the content of the game

6 TEAMS premounted on coloured wooden discs 25 mm, each team composed by 3 athlets, plus the disc representing the Dodecaedron, usally called DOD, that must be pushed and stopped in the opponent Goal Areas.

1 RULESHEET with easy rules that show the three different athlets in each team and their tasks.

The Ghardian #1 can play 1 fingertip hit each turn, targeting an opponent or the DOD

The Smasher #2, with spiked shoulderpad, can play 2 hits each turn, targeting opponents, tu push them out of the Esadome.

The Thummer #3, can play 3 hits each turn, targeting the DOD, trying to push and stop it on opponent goal areas.


At the beginning of his own turn, the player chooses ONE of this athlets an play the number of fingertip hits allowed.

To stop the DOD in the goal area in front of you, gives 3 points, in the diagonal goals 2 points, in the adjacent goals 1 point.

The first player who scores 12 points is the winner.


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DODECAEDRON: complete boardgame with wooden discs, 20 euro.

Created and illustrated by da Angelo Porazzi 1988  

Since 2012 the game is available in this new edition with these woodendisks and materials