First Italian convention of the new millenium, organized by the excellent Club TREEMME Modena.

At this friendly tournament partecipated gamers from Milano, Bergamo, Pisa and Roma. The final match is won by Niga from Bergamo with Egyptians versus Andrea from Pisa with Armoured.

Starting from upperrow: Angelo and Guido, the hair of Ands, Andrea and Niga, Klara, The Goblin and Lobo, Manu and Pid.
Manu with Chaotics got a 8 - 12 versus Metallics of Pid. Using radioactive zones as dimensional doors, Metallics won, thanks to two territories that were greatly upturned by nuclear bombs of holocaust and obviously rich of radioactive zones.

Behind, note the concentration of Niga that, using the speed and power of his Horus warriors, invade the territory of superheavy Armoureds. Andrea, after his first victory with Monkeys army, is trying to replace his units but Niga, with his Egyptians, wins 13 - 5.

Thanks to The Goblin that wrote his excellent and detailed review of Warangel on website La Tana dei Goblin available also on English Section of this great site.


Visiting Italy for luding conventions may be an occasion to discover astonishing places: the medioeval quarter of Viterbo is a real amazing jewel. Thanks to Claudio and Serenella of Orks' Lair for inviting me in this little but very characteristic convention, organized inside the old walls of the citadel.

Really emotioning the fighting demo with safe medioeval weapons I partecipated with master of arms Alessandro "Mantogrigio" Pantani. He is still sewing up a wound I "virtually" caused him from righ shoulder to left ankle. On my side, I would be without an arm... Uopps! Really a great emotion to fight in the medioeval scenario: that was real!

In the picture a demo with the friend of GiocoFollia Shops (Roma) and with mithycal Conan Laurenzi. Who visit Toy Fairs and Luding Conventions, not only in Italy, may know this wargamer that is very well known by historical and also by fantasy wargamers. Thanks to Lobo of Goblin's Lair for sending me this souvenir picture.

In the amazing location of Gradara Castle, on 15-16 september 2001, first presentation of
WARANGEL CARD GAME, picked up by HASBRO Italy for national distribution.

Ennio Peres (historical italian game author) and son, appreciated this complete card game very much.
The child said: "But this is better than Pokemon!":)!!!
Ennio appreciated the concept on the box "A game of challenge, reasearch and trade, where the winnere is the one who is able to defeat the war". Actually in this game you don' have just to fight opponents but carefully trade cards with them to upgrade your warriors, block or unblock each other and create the best alliances.
In this historical game partecipated Ennio, Marco (Peres Junior), Gianni Cottogni (winner at Wutki) and Piero Cioni from Bologna that is working on Warangel Online (the demo i saw on his PC were really interesting).
Piero won (Artropodi), "blocked" at the external level for a long time, played an outstanding return on Ennio (Undergrounders) that in the meantime has becomed a "living armoury" for the weapons cards he conquered .Clockwise at table:, Ennio, Gianni, Marco and Paolo. Behind: Giovanni, Guido Aprea (he just needs pizza or "casatiello", typical cake from Napoli), Paolo and Warangelo visibly moved by this unaspected partecipation of so high luding minds. Thanks to Mrs Peres for sending the photoes of this historical presentation.


First National Tournament, played in Ludex 2000, was won by Alex Leati from Bologna that now partecipates at LuccaGames 2001 to offer as a prize the title of Italian Champion. Amazing 4 days that gave me the possibility to reencounter and meet lots of Warangels from all Italy.
At my little stand in Indipendence Bay I had the honour to hospitate players and luding minds such as Spartaco Albertarelli (Editrice Giochi) and Francesco Alfano (Hasbro Italy) that declared enthusiastic for the work... That is:
Warangel Card Game is now distribuited also by Hasbro Italy on national territory!!!
Thank to organizers Fabrizio Paoli and Emanuele Vietina, for their Lucca's official folders where the game is shown complete with photo, between logos such as Wizard of the coast and Games WorkShop... The game was noted!
The morning when arrived the first boxes with Hasbro codes printed on, I was really moved.
About the tournament, saturday, the champion in charge Alex Leati won three battles versus Eduen "Pid" Sangalli from Bergamo (Centaurs-Aliens: 12 - 8), Andrea "Sargon" Cupido from Pisa (Mystics-Sorceresses: 16 - 4), and Andrea "Ands" Remondini from Bergamo (Giants-Masters: 20 - 0).

Here the photo of this match. Leftside: Sangalli and Remondini (Bergamo), WarAngelo (Milano), Granatello (Caserta, Ludoteca Tana del Drago Imperiale), Leati (Bologna), Manu (Roma), Giacomo Sottocasa (Genova) and Tommaso Percivale (AcquiCon).
In the evening (blocked by business) arrived Marco "Vek" Vaccari from Verona, the best player of his zone: great honour to Alex that accepted to encounter him next day.

Here the picture of this meeting: Vek and Mrs Vek (Verona), Alex (Bologna), WarAngelo (Milano), Andrea "Sargon" Cupido (Pisa), The Goblin and Manu (Roma), Ands and Pid (Bergamo).
Sunday morning Vek played vs Andrea Cupido, in an epic match (Egyptians-Mages 20 - 0), then encountered the big Alex.

Final was Eagles-Templars, the favourite teams of these two super champions.
While I was continuing the demos of the game with new gamers, I was captured by the incredible concentration of the two opponents. They attached each other, using the flying warriors of these historical races.

At the end, Marco won with his Templars and received with great honour, from super-sporting Alex, the cup of 2001 Italian Champion.

Here is this titanic final battle, photographed by the always-present friend DragonPaint.
A big salute to all friends I meet or reencountered: Roberto Di Meglio of Nexus, Luigi Lo Forti of Avalon, Angiolillo, Di Giorgio, Panicucci, Casu, Maraziti, Baccalario, Kiki, Salvaderi of BluesBrothers, Capobianco of Tilsit, Elish Group, Obi Ben Sidoti...

Here one of the dinner meetings in Lucca, where pops up Guido Aprea (from Napoli) and his Special Mention for Italian version of Medina, Manu and The Goblin (Roma), Ands e Pid (Bergamo), WarAngelo (Milano), Sargon and Klara (Pisa), Mario (Genova). A great encounter of Italian players!

We really had a lot of good time! And you?