First tournament took place in 1998, two years later Warangel first edition of 1996 distributed in collectible issues.

The Tournament was organized in hystorical ludoteque La Cittą del Gioco here in Milano, on tables with 4 players each. It was won by GHOSTS, leaded, smaterialized and constantly re-feed with Undeads by Fabrizio Capriata. Actually, Ghosts' main characteristic is to capture the soul of just killed enemy and "trap" it in its same body, that becomes an Undead, a new unstoppable infantryman of this army.

In the picture the Master Ghost together with an Undead and a Skeleton , is conquering the second Fortress of Templars' army.


Second Tournament, played in Blues Brothers game-shop always in Milano, was won by TEMPLARS, leaded by great Marco Vaccari from Verona.

In the final battle with 6 teams, when all armies were decimated, he was able to conquer with his infantrymen a decisve fortress to Eagles, and gain victory. Laudable, because he believed in victory up to the end, and got it with infantry caste, a tactic I never seen before, that shows me, once more, that Warangel will always surprise me.

In the picture a Dominant Templar is fighting against a Winged Leotaur of Masters' army.



1st Warangel national tournament took place in Ludex 2000- Bologna where the game was awarded as


A sincere thank to organizer Yvonne, Sergio e Piero Cioni that awarded the Game with a nice cup and yet gave three cups for the three places in the tournament. Third place was reached by Rensi Massimiliano from Imola with Ghosts, the second placement by Riccardo Sansano from Milano (Tentaculates) and the winner was Alex Leati from Bologna with EAGLES. Toghether with organizer Piero Cioni, I played a friendly battle, Cosmics (me) vs Elementals (Piero), where the "greatest forces of universe" faced with sea-quakes, destroing mantras, storms and gravity annullers. The game was suspended not to destroy the dome...!

In the photo, starting from leftside: Rensi the Ghost, Sergio that is Ludex in person, WarAngelo, the awarded one, visibly moved, Alex "Bald-Eagle" preparing to final battle (still with "screens" on) versus Riccardo the Tentaculated. In front of me, the good Piero, supreme referee, placing his Elementals, while the crowd is acclaiming...


In this group you see the friends (many from newsgroup it.hobby.giochi) that meet in a nice battle with four armies, in Giocavercelli.

From leftside Gianni Cottogni, Gylas, Dragonpaint, Vigiak, Umberto Boredon, me and Lorenzo Bocchio.

The battle was Mystics of Gianni, Ghosts of Gylas, Aliens of Umberto and COWRIDERS (from mad 7th Generation) leaded by me, that using their battle-shovels reached to conquer the Aliens' fortresses.

A thank to Vigiak for organization and for inviting me, to Cristina (Dragon's wife) for sending this picture.


Tournament in Verona was a "triangular" Milano-Bergamo-Firenze. The winners are the NORTHERNERS leaded by Elena Mascelloni from Firenze (four matches, four victories) that defeat in the final Andrea Remondini from Bergamo with the Chelates. All gamers, during the tournament, always keept their favourite army. A particular award goes to Niga from Bergamo that, althought placed as last one, wanted to experiment always new races. This is the spirit of the game! A really nice character, the "icon" of this tournament, for his liking, his Bergamo's accent and his gallons of beer. In the friendly battle he played with me (Porks vs Egyptians) he experimented the resuscitate power of Anubi, the Egyptian godness of death. After fight with all forces to re-conquer his fortress invaded by an Anubi warrior, and just after defeating it, the Porks just watched it rasuscitating himself. This attempt was the only one reached by Anubi, after the many other failed during the battle and this resuscitation solved the game, between the grunts of Porks that Niga imitate with unarrivable grandness.


In LuccaGames 2000 was presented the first selfproduced boxed edition of Warangel. On 31-10-2000, Warangel got the main Italian luding award, the BEST OF SHOW as


in the greatest luding fair in Italy (that year more than 40.000 people).
In Bologna, the award was assigned by gamers; in Lucca the Best Italian Game was given by a Jury of journalists, game dealers and people who work in the world of games. A great confirmation of Bologna award and a complete response for Warangel.

In this picture Warangel in a demo with 4 players game.

After the award celebration, back in the stands with the cup, organizers, and some jury members.

A particular thank to Emanuele Vietina (the taller one) that, with Indipendence Bay, allowed to self-produced italian games to have a really important presence inside Lucca 2000.

Other finalsits that year where games such as Pokemon or Mage Knight: a real honour for a home made game like Warangel I enjoy to create and illustrate.


On 25-11-2000, Warangel received a wonderfull golden plate as

MilanoGames is the greatest italian luding convention for wargamers, this award really gives a further value to its previous awards. Once more thanks to organizers, this time Lorenzo Sartori (first on the left), that gave the opportunity to set-up the Warangel Gallery with the original illustrations of this game.

2000 was a year really full of satisfactions. Last one, first requests from USA and out of Italy Gamers.

Thanks to everyone!